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Everyone is welcome at the Reno Radio Control Club, gas and electric airplane pilots, helicopter pilots, and glider pilots we are a family friendly club that just loves to fly, instructor pilots are usually always at the field on the weekends, so if you're new to the hobby, don't worry we can teach you how to fly and whether you're a novice or an expert just about all our members will gladly offer advice, assistance and "flying tips" to just about anybody who asks.


 Guests of members are welcome to fly at our site with current AMA insurance coverage.


AMA: Current AMA membership insurance is required to fly at our site and to be a member of the Reno Radio Control Club.


Fees: All new members pay a one time initiation fee of $25.00 and their $100.00 annual dues. Club dues are for the calendar year and are due and payable by December 31st.


Checks should be made out to: The Reno Radio Control Club.

Copy the RRCC Membership application below to join:



                                                                                                                                Membership Application

                                                                                                                                 Reno Radio Control Club

                                                                                                                            PO Box 21115, Reno, NV 89515








                            City:____________________________ State _______________ Zip______________


                            Phone #___________________________________________________________


                            E-Mail Address______________________________________________________

                                                                                    Do you wish to recieve News Letters via E.Mail:  Yes________ No_______


                            AMA #________________________ Jr.____________ Open ____________


                            Flying Interest__________________________________________________________

                                                                                    (Sport, Scale, Pylon, Aerobatics, Heli's)


                            Flying Status ___________________________________________________________

                                                                                            (Novice, Advanced, Expert)




                            Prior Club (optional) ____________________________________________


                                                                    Amount due with application: Jan. 1st through June 31st.  $125.00

                                                                                            July 1st through Nov. 31st. $75.00       




 There are a number of ways you can get it to us:

First bring it in person to our monthly meeting. 

Mail it with payment to: RRCC P.O. Box 21115 Reno Nevada 89515